Natasha leads a very active life – looking after her two children, dog, chickens and horses. She is currently on maternity leave from her fast paced role as PR manager at a national food and farming charity.

Natasha’s brain is always busy with the things she needs to do at work and at home. She finds it hard to relax so she wanted to carve out some time for herself that would help her unwind and lose herself for a few hours. She decided to sign up for an aerial silk class after hearing about it from a friend in the circus.

The Photoshoot

Natasha invited me to join her at the aerial silk class she goes to at the Albany Centre. She said that because staying in the air requires so much strength and focus, it takes her mind off other things. She likes that she can’t afford to let her mind wander because she is metres up in the air. Each ‘trick’ on the silks requires concentration, from wrapping the silks correctly to the desired movement of the body to saving enough strength to untangle and descend afterwards!

I found the fast movement made the shoot more challenging, but I felt pleased that I managed to capture some of the strength and grace of Natasha on the silks.


hour in flow