Bristol Bike Project

The mission of the Bristol Bike Project is to repair and relocate bikes within the community. They work with an ever-growing cross section of groups in Bristol, including those suffering from mental health problems, recovering from substance addiction as well as people in supported/sheltered housing.

The core of the project is self-sustaining; they make money by offering bike repair services, workshops and more. One of their regular workshops is women’s night – a workshop session run by women, to share knowledge of bicycles in a friendly, informal atmosphere.

The Photoshoot

The workshop was welcoming, and it also had a very industrious feel to it. I photographed Eleanor, who was fixing her bike with the help of Bristol Bike Project Volunteer, Seonaid. It was Eleanor’s first time at the project, she said, ‘It felt really good to start learning a bit about how the bike works and I’m thinking I might have the agency to fix it myself next time’.

I really liked their collaborative approach to getting the job done, which was echoed by all the women throughout the workshop.


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