Get Involved

I would really like this project to capture women of all different ages, backgrounds and ethnicities doing a wide range of activities.

What can your activity be?

Anything that you love doing! A sport, spending time with friends or family, your profession, a hobby, cooking, anything… There are a couple of practical requirements:

  • There needs to be enough space for me to be able photograph you, a few metres of space around you should be enough.
  • There needs to be a reasonable amount of good light, as I don’t use studio lights.

What will the photoshoot involve?

We’ll need to arrange a time when you can invite me to come along to your activity. I’ll need around an hour to capture the images; I’ll aim to let you get on with it and to interfere as little as possible.

The chosen photos will be shared here on the website and on our Instagram account, with a short bio about you. You will also receive a copy of the photos.

How do you apply?

Send me an email with a short summary of who you are and what you like doing and I’ll be in touch. This is a project that I do purely for the love, so please bear with me if I take a little bit of time to get back to you.

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